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Automotive diesel

San Marco Petroli’s motor diesel fuel is a high-quality diesel guaranteed by a controlled supply chain and characterized by a cetane number higher than 51. The diesel fuel is compliant with the European standard UNI EN 590, legal requirements and customs regulations.  It does not contain metallic additives.  FAME, allowed under current legislation, may not always be present in the delivered product.

Technical data sheet Diesel Fuel B0

Technical data sheet Diesel Fuel

Winter diesel fuel

Paraffin in the diesel tends to solidify, which results in clogging of the filter or the fuel and injection pipes, when very cold.  This results problematic, especially in the start-up phase, so much so that to avoid it the oil companies distribute a special fuel to be used during the very cold season. This is denominated GP Diesel winter diesel, which is available in San Marco Petroli service stations from November to March.  According to international standards, its use is guaranteed for temperatures up to -16 ° C (compared to 0 ° C for “summer” diesel distributed during the rest of the year).

Minus ten degrees is already quite cold, but in some mountain areas the thermometer often shows even lower temperatures. This is why “Arctic” diesel is distributed in service stations in the Alps and in the colder surrounding areas. The most extreme temperature is around -25 ° C

Technical data sheet Winter Diesel Fuel

Denaturated diesel

San Marco Petroli’s denatured diesel is a fuel specifically formulated for agricultural and marine purposes. From a fiscal point of view, it benefits from a reduced excise duty compared to traditional diesel and for this reason it is treated with a fuel dye that gives it a characteristic green color before its sale.  Denatured diesel fuel complies with the European standard UNI EN 590, legal requirements and customs regulations. It does not contain metallic additives.

Technical data sheet DENATURED DIESEL


Eco-sustainable HVO Diesel

San Marco Petroli’s HVO, called REHVO – Good Diesel, is an eco-sustainable fuel of non-fossil origin, which is produced through the use of 100% natural and renewable raw materials. HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil. In fact, it is hydrotreated vegetable oil which favors better and more efficient combustion with a significant reduction of unburned gases and particulates.

REHVO has several qualities that make it an innovative fuel:

  • in general, it has excellent performance characteristics (thanks to the higher cetane number compared to traditional diesel) and performs very well in cold climates;
  • can be blended and used in any proportion with conventional diesel, which allows for an easy transition;
  • it is strongly recommended for XTL adapted engines (EN 15940) and compatible with most engines in circulation.

REHVO – Good Diesel, San Marco Petroli’s HVO, complies with the European Directive RED II which focuses on transport decarbonization through the growing use of energy from renewable sources.

Technical data sheet – HVO DIESEL


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