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Gasoil handled
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Fuel Oil handled
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Gasoline handled
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Bitumen handled
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  • 95
  • 98
  • F100
  • F101


  • Motor Oil
  • Gasoil B0 (without biodiesel)
  • Winter Diesel 
  • Agricultural Diesel
  • GP Diesel
  • Denatured Diesel

Fuel Oil 

  • Fuel Oil BTZ Max 1%
  • Fuel Oil for Bunkering


  • 50/70
  • 70/100

Special Products

In addition to the storage of standard petroleum products, San Marco Petroli also markets “special products.” In addition to improving engine performance, these products contain a lower environmental impact with inferior CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in overall consumption.

These products are F-101 and Gp Diesel.

RON 95 Gasoline San Marco Petroli’s RON 95 gasoline is a high-quality fuel guaranteed by a controlled supply chain. It is characterized by an
Automotive diesel San Marco Petroli’s motor diesel fuel is a high-quality diesel guaranteed by a controlled supply chain and characterized by a cetane number
Fuel Oil BTZ Max 1%   BTZ Fuel Oil is a mixture of high viscosity hydrocarbons used in stationary combustion for the production of steam
Bitumen 50/70 & 70/100 Bitumen is the oldest mineral oil product. It is a very viscous, non-volatile, dark-colored mixture of millions of different organic


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