RON 95, 98, 100, 101


RON 95 Gasoline

San Marco Petroli’s RON 95 gasoline is a high-quality fuel guaranteed by a controlled supply chain. It is characterized by an anti-knock power (RON – Research Octane Number) value higher than 95 and specifically designed for spark ignition internal combustion engines.  RON 95 gasoline is obtained using different refinery components and may contain oxygenated compounds (ethers such as MTBE, bio-ETBE, TAME or alcohols such as bioethanol) to completely fulfill technical specifications.  RON 95 gasoline complies with the European standard UNI EN 228, its legal requirements and customs regulations. It does not contain metallic additives.  Methanol and bioethanol, allowed under current legislation, may not always be present in the product.

Technical data sheet RON 95 GASOLINE

RON 98, 100, 101 Gasoline

San Marco Petroli’s RON 98/100/101 gasoline is a high-quality product guaranteed by a controlled supply chain and characterized by a high anti-knock power (RON greater than 100), which, on average, is five points higher than standard gasoline. This feature allows a more regular and efficient combustion process and enhances the performance of the engine.  High efficiency and better engine protection over time is guaranteed thanks to a tailor-made formulation and the presence of detergent additives.  In fact, the use of this gasoline regulates:

  • greater cleanliness of the engine fuel system;
  • removal of deposits previously accumulated on vehicles fueled with other commercial gasolines;
  • higher engine efficiency.

Technical data sheet F-101 GASOLINE


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