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Storage Services

San Marco Petroli manages the sale and storage of petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, bitumen, fuel oil and biodiesel for both its own needs and for third parties.

The terminal consists of n. 24 tanks for the storage of products which can be segregated and with exclusive use.  San Marco Petroli is able to receive products by land (road tankers and railway) as well as by sea.

Our know-how and extensive experience in the sector assist us in organizing the entire procedure for:

  • introduction of goods in storage;
  • verify quantity and receipt of handled goods;
  • storage and custody of product in the tank;
  • re-shipment by tanker and/or rail tanker;
  • compilation and issue of shipping documents;
  • forwarding of daily shipping documents issued to the client;
  • daily communication of accounting ledgers to the client. 

Compliance Service for Accidental Mixing of Petroleum Products

San Marco Petroli performs compliance services in the event that accidental blending or inadvertently mixing occurs at service stations with petroleum products subject to excise duties.  In this case, the local customs require authorization and assistance for the subsequent reintroduction to the warehouse.

How this service is managed

San Marco Petroli can assist with the reintroduction of the product at the warehouse and for the mix dilution as well as all other operations pertinent to compliance of accidental blending, including all necessary customs reports and records.

Procedure guidelines:

  • after requesting San Marco Pertoli’s availability to receive the product, the customer then notifies the competent Customs office and San Marco Petroli within 24 hours of the event;
  • the service station communicates to the competent Customs office the subsequent reintroduction of the product, specifying the day, month and year of the sampling and transfer to the warehouse as per prior agreement with San Marco Petroli.

San Marco Petroli furthermore:

  •  attends the operations with one or more technicians, providing assistance for the reintroduction and sampling of the product;
  • performs the analyses at the custom’s chemical laboratory;
  •  makes the product compliant, its dilution and mixing according to guidelines.

Diesel excise duty tax reimbursement service– “Buoni UTF”

Transport companies can receive reimbursement for excise duties on purchases of diesel for their own behalf and/or those of third parties, taken place on national territory. A tax relief called the “Carbon Tax” is in fact granted, which allows companies to recover an amount equal to € 0.214 for each liter of diesel consumed.

Do you have a credit for the reimbursement of excise duties on diesel issued by the customs in UTF vouchers?

As soon as you have finalized your dossier, San Marco Petroli will take care of the credit recovery service through UTF vouchers. Being experts in the sector, we are able to interface directly with the customs offices to reduce technical times as much as possible and provide the credit in a short time.

All that is required is to annually request San Marco Petroli’s consent for the recovery of each voucher.   As the beneficiary of the voucher, San Marco Petroli must receive all the original documents: the application to the customs agency, the customs authorization and the original voucher itself. Once we have received all the documentation, we will finalize the paperwork and settle the credit in your favor.


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