The Warehouse

The Right Formula


San Marco Petroli’s terminal is located in Venice in the industrial area of Porto Marghera.  It is officially recognized by the Ministry of Industry to receive petroleum products from national and/or foreign refinery companies and maintain in storage with excise duty suspension.

The terminal, spread over an area of 180,000 square meters, has a total capacity of 154,860 cubic meters, divided among 24 tanks of variable volumes ranging from 1,000 to 14,000 cubic meters, connected by pipelines to two privately-owned berths located at the southern end of the industrial canal. 

The terminal is operative every day of the year and is able to unload/load vessels with a capacity of up to 30,000 tons.

San Marco Petroli is able to receive and re-ship both by land – with road tankers and railway – as well as by sea – a formula that distinguishes San Marco Petroli from all other companies, making it unique throughout the territory. 

The company has restructured the area of the warehouse by creating two fully-equipped and functional areas for the management of gasoline and particularly for bitumen.  Currently, the company focuses on the commercialization for the retail and wholesale networks but also provides service to third parties, including storage and shipment of petroleum products both in Italy and abroad.

By Land

Road Tankers. A completely automated system allows the terminal to handle 250-300 trucks per day.  The favorable location of the terminal in proximity to the main roads and highways, a vast parking area and the high efficiency of the loading and weighing equipment, consent reduced waiting time in general for the tankers.

Railway. A railway track with an attached platform for loading/unloading of rail tankers connects to the railway station in Mestre (VE) allowing products to be shipped by means of railway, both foreign and domestic.

By Sea

Tanker Vessels.  San Marco Petroli performs loading operations for vessel tankers for export or cabotage in other Italian coastal warehouses up to a capacity of 30,000 tons. 

Bunkering.  The warehouse furthermore performs bunkering operations for large cruise ships in the Venice port.  The transport is guaranteed and diligently organized thanks to the collaboration with a local business, whose fleet consists of 14 tankers.

stoccaggio smp petroli venezia-min

Storage Services

San Marco Petroli manages the sale and storage of petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, bitumen, fuel oil and biodiesel for both its own needs and for third parties.

The terminal consists of n. 24 tanks for the storage of products and related infrastructure (buildings, offices, pump rooms, loading docks).

The total available capacity is 154,864 cubic meters.  All tanks are:

  • metallic;
  • electrically welded to the head;
  • cylindrical, and with vertical shafts above ground.

The San Marco Petroli terminal is distinct for its maximum flexibility of loading tankers, trains, and ships, while dedicating exclusive circuits for the storage of biodiesel tanks.

The configuration of the connected piping between tanks, pumps, loading docks and arrival/departure berths permits segregation of various products.  The expertise of the staff, coupled with fully-automated systems, ensures minimal time used in the processing of administrative and customs documents, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

Technical Data

 » Total Storage Capacity 154.800 mc
» Number of tanks = 24 of which 20 with fixed covers
2 floating covers
2 external floating covers
14 heated
8 heated and insulated
» Draft 10.50 mt
» Jetty 1 for ship loading/unloading
1 for loading barges and bunkering
» Products Stocked Petroleum products, biodiesel e bitumen
» Services provided other than stocking Bunkers, blending, additives for denaturation, heating for fuel oil and bitumen
» Road shipment with trucks or railway 6 loading stations
5 weighing stations
Capacity to load 250-300 trucks per day
» Arrival by Sea Capacity 1000 cm/h gasoil
Capacity 600 cm/h gasoline
Capacity gasoil for bunkering 100 cm/h
capacity for fuel oil bunkering 300 t/h
» Pipelines Diameters: 4″ – 8” – 12” – 20″