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Heavy Fuel Oil for Bunkering


Fuel Oil BTZ Max 1%  

BTZ Fuel Oil is a mixture of high viscosity hydrocarbons used in stationary combustion for the production of steam for industrial uses and for the generation of electricity. BTZ fuel oil has a viscosity of 50 ° C greater than 12 ° Engler and a sulfur content ≤ 1% by weight. The product complies with customs regulations, with UNI 6579: 09 as CLASS 10 fuel oil and according to Legislative Decree 152/06.

Technical data sheet FUEL OIL BTZ MAX 1%

Fuel Oil for Bunkering

In October 2016, the international maritime organization (IMO) established a global reduction of sulfur in bunkering to 0.50% in weight as of January 1, 2020. This is an unprecedented challenge for the industry as it brings about a very significant change both in the refinery production phase of bunkering as well as for the ship engines utilizing the product.

Consequently, in order to respect the new guidelines, the alternatives in San Marco Petroli are the following:

  • Bunker – residual fuel oil with 0.5% max sulfur content;
  • Bunker – marine gasoil with 0.5% max sulfur content;
  • High sulfur content bunkers, by installing scrubbers on board which reduce sulfur emissions corresponding to 0.5%

Technical data sheet FUEL OIL FOR BUNKERING


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