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REHVO, San Marco Petroli’s eco-sustainable diesel

REHVO HVO Diesel by San Marco Petroli

San Marco Petroli’s diesel family expands with the introduction of REHVO – Good Diesel.

It is a HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel, made from 100% renewable raw materials. Not being a fuel of fossil origin, REHVO is a high quality and more sustainable diesel.

HVO is a valid alternative to traditional diesel fuel as it promotes better and more efficient combustion with a significant reduction of unburned gases and particulates.

t can also be mixed and used with traditional diesel in any proportion and is strongly recommended with XTL adapted engines (EN 15940) as well as being compatible with most of the engines in circulation (EURO 5 / 6).

REHVO, San Marco Petroli’s HVO, complies with the European Directive RED II which focuses on transport decarbonization through the growing use of energy from renewable sources.

To learn more about REHVO – Good Diesel click here

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