We guarantee the entire supply chain!

Starting from privately-owned docks to receive sizeable oil tankers arriving from the finest world refiners…

to the 24-owned tanks…

as well as the distribution in 120-owned service stations…

and through the most qualified network / wholesale retailers in the North East.

Continued commitment. Expanded expertise!

San Marco Petroli draws on a wealth of knowledge in order to deliver to its clients high quality petroleum products in the most efficient manner while reducing on-site risks and protecting the environment.

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Our Quality is first!

San Marco Petroli purchases refined petroleum products by ships from the best global suppliers in order to guarantee its customers constant supply at competitive prices. Product availability is never in question.

The Warehouse

We are able to receive and re-ship both by land – with road tankers and railway – as well as by seaa formula that distinguishes San Marco Petroli from all other companies, making it unique throughout the territory.

Certifications & Environmental Protection

Safety of its terminal, prevention and control of accident hazards, protection for the safety and health of its employees and inhabitants as well as environmental protection:  these are the goals of San Marco Petroli.


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Following restrictive measures imposed by the Coronavirus emergency, it is important for us to let you know that our work is carried out continuously…