Storage Services and Technical Data

San Marco Petroli is in the business of the sale and storage of petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, bitumen), vegetable oils and biodiesel for both its own needs and for third parties.

The terminal consists of n. 24 tanks for the storage of products and related infrastructure (buildings, offices, pump rooms, loading docks).

The total available capacity is 154,864 m3 containing tanks that are metallic, electrically welded to the head, cylindrical, and with vertical shafts above ground. The San Marco Petroli terminal is distinct for the maximum flexibility of loading  tankers, trains, and ships, while dedicating exclusive circuits for the storage of biodiesel tanks.

The high professionalism of the staff and fully automated adopted systems ensure minimal time and the improvement of administrative practices and customs documents in particular.

Along with the standard storage of petroleum products, San Marco Petroli also markets “special” products such as GP-Diesel, a gasoil  fuel containing a high cetane number as well as high-octane gasolines such as F98 and F100. In addition to improving engine performance, these products lower environmental impacts with inferior CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

View Presentation for GP-Diesel
View Presentation for F100 Gasoline

Technical Data

» Total capacity 154.800 m³
» Number Tanks = 24 of which 20 with fixed covers
2 with floating covers
2 with external floating covers
14 are heated
8 are heated and insulated
» Max Draft 9.70 mt
» Jetty 1 for loading/unloading ships
1 for loading barges and for bunkering
» Products Stocked Petroleum products, biodiesel and bitumen
» Services provided (other than stocking) Bunkers, blending, additives for denaturation, heating for fuel oil and bitumen
» Road shipment with trucks or railway 6 loading stations
5 weighing stations
Loading capacity: 250-300 trucks per day
» Shipping by sea Introduction capacity 1000 m³/h gasoil
Introduction capacity 600 m³/h gasoline
For gasoil bunkering operations 100 m³/h
For fuel oil bunkering operations 300 t/h
» Pipelines Diameter of 4″ – 8″ – 12″ – 20″
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