The terminal

San Marco Petroli’s terminal is located in Venice in the second industrial zone of Port Marghera.  The terminal is officially recognized by the Ministry of Industry to receive petroleum products from national and / or foreign refinery companies and maintain them in storage with excise duty suspension. The terminal, spread over an area of 180,000 square meters, has a total capacity of 154,860 cubic meters, and which are divided among 24 tanks of variable volumes from 1,000 cubic meters to 14,000 cubic meters, connected by pipelines to two private berths located at the southern end of the industrial canal. The equipment with which the terminal is provided allows land  shipment of 250-300 trucks per day, and the simultaneous loading of both pipelines and barges to carry out bunkering in the port of Venice, or tanker operations for re-export/cabotage to other Italian coastal terminals. The favorable location of the terminal in proximity to the main roads and highways, a vast car park and the high efficiency of the loading and weighing equipment, consent reduced time for truck stopping. All administrative and customs procedures for the handling of petroleum products, both incoming and shipping are fully computerized. The configuration of the piping connection between tanks, pumps, dispatch and receiving shelters and landing stages permits the separation of various products.

The Vallone Moranzani Project

San Marco Petroli is an integral part of the “Vallone Moranzani Project“, a framework agreement for the management of sediment dredging of large navigation channels and of environmental restoration, landscaping and hydraulic reconfiguration in the Malcontena – Marghera area road network signed March 31, 2008.  The project brings together a number of initiatives and interventions in the area of Port Marghera, which will guaranty the Venice Port Authority assigned sites for the most contaminated mud dredging present in the port channels. The Moranzani Agreement stipulates a series of activities aimed at improving land, together with the creation of delivery sites for contaminated materials dredged from the port canals, creating extensive environmental benefits. interventions will be designed and implemented in the management of dredging (docks, stabilization and dewatering facilities, final disposal facilities), as well as the grounding of power lines and road visibility upgrades. The construction of urban parks is included in the plan, as well as the transfer of San Marco Petroli SpA’s coastal terminal, which will be moved to an area covering 30 hectares, roughly 1 km away from its current site, all scheduled for 2014.


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